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Not My Mother

Not My Mother is a one-woman comedy, written and performed by Scottish playwright and actor, Lorella Loftus, about a grown-up daughter’s relationship with her Scottish mother. Told within the framework of the woman’s encounters with a “friend,” the story is about how she deals with her mother’s eccentricities. The daughter must achieve a new understanding of the relationship with her mother and find a way to mend it. This show includes original music by Vikki Schwarz. It is produced by the Austin Celtic Festival and Interwoven Theatre Company.

"Me: Wouldn't you like a new one, mother?

Mother: Oh no dear. I like my old cracked one."

Not My Mother will run each day of the festival.  Performance is approximately 30 to 35 minutes long. 

Check the schedule for the stage and time. 

Lorella Loftus

Lorella Loftus has been a producer, actor, writer and director for the past 20 years, and is based in Austin, Texas.  She has worked with a diversity of performance companies around Austin, but mostly for Renaissance Austin Theatre.  She has produced/performed in/written and/or directed shows far too numerous to mention.  Her favourites include her original play Elizabeth: Heart of a King (Elizabeth Regina), Shakespeare’s MacBeth (Lady MacBeth), and Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane. She has received a B. Iden Payne acting award, and several nominations.  Lorella comes from Glasgow, Scotland and is a teacher.  

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