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ACF Homebound 2020

The schedule is subject to change. General run time begins at Noon CST

Approximately 6.5 to 7 hours long.  Archival footage is generally one song or tune.  New music from artists run from 20 to 30 minutes.



From the Archives 2019:

--Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums

--Frankie Gavin and Theo Paige


Interview with Chris Buckley from The Here & Now

New Music from The Here & Now

Celtic Dog Breeds

More from The Here & Now

Kieron Elliott:  How to Pronounce Scotch Whisky Brand Names (short one-minute interludes throughout the day)

Interview with Hanz Araki and Colleen Rainey

New Music from Hanz Araki and Colleen Rainey

60 Second Ireland

More from Hanz and Colleen

From the Archive 2015:

--The Alt

Special Sneak Peek:  Altan

The Irish Water Spaniel

From the Archive 2016:

--Dog Parade

--Viking Invasion



Interview with Inishfree Irish Dance Instructors Pierce and Patrick McCarthy Beach

From the Archive:

--Inishfree Irish Dancers

--Derek Warfield and the Young Wolftones  2015

--John Williams and Dean Magraw 2008

Interview with Gregory Grene of the Prodigals

New music with Gregory Grene and Andi Grene, Sean Tierney, Sean McPhail

Tourism Ireland Break

More with Gregory and gang

From the Archive:

--Highland Games

Austin Historical Weapons Guild Demos





Irish Wellness Break

Interview with Máirtín de Cógáin

New music from Máirtín

Máirtín and Milo Irish Language Break

More music from Máirtín

Meet the Irish Wolfhound

Tourism Ireland Break

More Máirtín and Milo Irish Language Break

Music and Storytelling with Máirtín

From the Archives:

--Paul Brady 2013

--Ireland Raffle Memory 2016

--Highland Dancing with Hill Country Highland Dancers 2016

--Makem and Spain


Kieron Elliott

Interview with James Keane and Jeff Moore

Music from James and Jeff

From the Archive:

--James Keane and Paddy Keenan in Session 2010

Jeff Moore Animated Video

From the Archive:

--The Tea Merchants with Máirtín de Cógáin

--The Alt


From the Archive:

--Téada 2009

Sign off with Kieron

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