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We are now accepting vendor applications for ACF 2024

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Thank you for applying for the Austin Celtic Festival. Please feel out the form below and submit. We will review your application and you will be contacted with a decision on whether or not you have been accepted.  Once you have been notified of acceptance, we will send a payment link for payment.  Be sure to hit submit at the bottom of the application.

Select the Size of Your Required Booth Space

Location: Because of the changing map and accessible areas of the park, we cannot guarantee a particular vending location/spot. The Vendor Director and staff will guide you to your spot upon arrival.  We ask for your flexibility on space as we adjust to the new venue.  

Booth Sharing: Is not allowed.  One business per application, please.

Vending Hours: Be prepared to vend until the last act has finished on the main outdoor stage, this may be later than the scheduled closing time of the festival if the stages are running late.  You CANNOT bring in your vehicle to load until the public has exited the festival grounds after the final act.  The Vendor Director will notify everyone when it is safe to bring in your vehicles. This can be about an hour after the festival closes.

Electricity: The venue does not have electricity available for vendors.  Vendors bringing generators must be whisper quiet models, have a safety enclosure to keep public from accessing them and follow all Austin Fire Dept. regulations including having proper, and currently inspected fire extinguishers.  The event closes right after sundown. There will be some overhead ambient light but will be relatively dim.  You might want to bring solar or battery powered lighting to help with shutdown and final sales of the evening.


----You are responsible for bringing your own tent, table, chairs etc.  The ACF does not provide any of these items.   The venue can have high winds so please bring extra weights in addition to staking.

---- You are responsible for your own setup and takedown; we do not have volunteers available for you.

---- Pets are not allowed on the Park Grounds. 

---- You are not allowed to bring any ALCOHOL in or out of the park. 

---- You may not sell food or give away food samples at your tent without a Health Permit and if you plan on selling prepared food you must also apply as a food vendor. 

---- There is one overnight security guard with a lot of area to cover, so please take with you anything of high value or anything that cannot be replaced.  ACF is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

---- You MUST load or unload your vehicle and then move it off the grounds immediately. 

---- Please make sure all trash is removed from your booth and placed in the dumpsters.

---- The venue does not allow camping or overnight RV parking.


As a participant in the Austin Celtic Festival, I assume complete responsibility for

personal injury to me or damage to property which may occur during the event or while I

am on the premises of the event. I hereby release and hold harmless the

Austin Celtic Association, Pioneer Farms, sponsors, promoters, and all other persons associated with the event from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage. I grant permission for any and all of the foregoing to use any photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever. I have read this Waiver, understand it and sign below of my own free will.

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